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2018 Kindred Rosé


Welcome To Kindred Rosé

2018 happened to be a fantastic year for wine grapes in the Sonoma Coast Appellation of California. Using 100% Pinot Noir grapes from the acclaimed Sangiacomo's Tallgrass Vineyard, this is a single vineyard estate wine consisting of only 85 cases of Rosé of Pinot Noir.

Crafted by critically acclaimed winemaker Mike Smith at Envy Winery in Calistoga, this is a dry California Rosé that tastes great now, and will likely age well and get even better over the next couple years!

A bottle of white, a bottle of red. Perhaps a bottle of rosé instead!
— Billy Joel, Scenes From An Italian Restaurant

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Kindred ROSÉ

family, FRIENDSHIP, relationships and connecttion. THE FEELING OF KINDRED SPIRITS

This…. is a reeeal wine!
— Mike Smith
Kindred has a crisp acidic backbone that complements it’s refreshing notes of strawberry and raspberry. Nicely balanced and not overtly sweet this is a Pinot Noir rosé that is perfect for sipping by the pool.
— K. Punwar
Very pale salmon color. The nose, while tightly wound at first, offers after a while notes of creamy strawberry, white peach, and a bit of juicy pink grapefruit. I’m happy to say it’s a very fine and easy to drink, well-crafted glass of Sonoma coast summertime. Of course, to be sure, I think I’ll probably need at least another bottle, you know, to age a bit...
— Andrew Gelb

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